Jewson Price Increases July 2022

Dear customer, 

Given the current market conditions we know how important it is that you are provided with advanced notice of any significant price changes. We are therefore advising you of some price increases on products that you have previously purchased. 

As always, we are working hard behind the scenes with our suppliers to minimise all increases, but we wanted to let you know the current projected increases to allow you to plan accordingly. These are planned to come into effect in July 2022. 

Product Category / Price Increase 

Plaster 7%
Plasterboard 8.6 – 12%
Concrete landscaping and Flag & Kerb 7.3%

Glass wool insulation 28 – 32%
Roof windows 9%
Aggregated blocks – Varies by location
Small aggregate bags 5%

Hand tools 4-6%

Bricks upto 9.5%

Metalwork 12-15%

Rigid kitchens 9-10%

Ceramic tiles 15%

Steel lintels 18%

Why we’re increasing our prices. Unfortunately, the market picture remains very much unchanged and similarly to previous months, disruption to the supply chain continues to be the biggest factor leading to increased prices. Other factors include increases in costs of energy, distribution, shipping containers and packaging. These prices are further compounded by the consistent increase in the cost of raw materials that are used in the production of the products we sell. 

Keeping up to date. To keep up to date with any other price increases and product availability, please visit our dedicated supplier updates page here:

Yours Sincerely, Jewson 

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