Jewson Price Increases April 2022

Dear customer,

Given the current market conditions we know how important it is that you are provided notice of any significant supplier price increases. We are therefore advising you of some price increases on products that you have purchased previously. These increases will come into effect on April 1st 2022.

Product Category

Wool, foil and PIR insulation 3–10%

Aggregates Up to 8.8%

Bricks 8-12%

Flags and kerb 5-8%

Roof tiles 8-10%

Roof windows 7.7%

Fixings 5.8%

Ironmongery security 6.45%

Home-grown timber fencing 4%

Fascias 10%

Decorative 5-9%

Silicone sealants 20-37.5%

PHS brassware 5%

Imported carcassing (C24) 10-12%

Home-grown carcassing (C16) 3-8%

Batten 10%

Softwood Plywood 3.5%

Hardwood Plywood 7.5%

Please note, the above increases do not apply to all products within the categories and only highlight the most relevant price increases.

Why we’re increasing our prices.

The largest reason given by our suppliers for these increases is the unprecedented increase in the cost of fuel which, since December 2021, has increased over 25%. This increase has been unpredictable to many of our suppliers and has unfortunately caused many to increase their prices at short notice. This is further impacted by the impending removal of the rebate fuel entitlement which comes into effect in April. Despite this, we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can behind the scenes, as always, to minimise these increases.

Other than fuel, price increases continue to rise due to increased costs for raw materials, labour costs, transport, freight and packaging. Suppliers are also continuing to see the impact of the increase in wholesale energy costs in their overall product production costs which is causing them to increase their prices.

Yours Sincerely, Jewson

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